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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where did the day go?

It is on days like these that I take extra time to do my makeup, fluff my hair and overall make sure I am pretty.  Not that I am not ususally pretty, I have always had a very distorted reality of what I look like- Hello I am Pretty- but on days like today, I know the "feeling" of pretty needs to radiate throughout my being.  It won't be soemthing I need every day.  Most days I will be completely comfortable in knowing who I am, but after yesterday, I must make a turn around and remind myself that I am pretty, I am funny and people like me! (thanks SNL)
Today is one of my favorite days of the week-  I spend a few hours with my dad.  I love this day- I have the oportunity to gleen such amazing things for just being in his presence.  I love Wednesdays.  I believe if you have the oportunity to spend quality time- seriously just being in the same room with him for a few hours- everyone needs to do it.  Ones parents are such a gift- rather they are someone you admire or cringe from many lessons can be learned from sharing a cup of coffe with them.  It matters- trust me. 
Well, it seems we are on day two- I am surviving and so far, I am pretty sure I am still the only one reading this so-  I guess you are surviving too!
Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of day one...

Ok, so if I were an animal living in the wild, I am pretty sure I would have considered eating another of my species today.  Think of it as Wild America, only not as civil.
On afternoons like today, I find that the best way to describe myself is as a grumpy bunny.  My daughter and I used to read a story with said hare as the main character and the discription has always stuck.  Grumpy Bunnies don't get along with others, they don't much care what other bunnies think and when it comes to the immediate burro issues- well let's just say we have some Watership Down tendencies. 

But Every Bunny, grumpy or not, must pick her ears off the ground, look around and be happy that today was good- be thankful her family is safe- and wish upon a star that her book is in the hands of an agent or publisher who can see what she sees in it.

Well, for now, it is time to crawl back into the rabbit hole- I am pretty sure tomorrow will be a better day- after all - it isn't Rabbit Season yet!

POP and Ink - Who Knew??

I have now been promoting my story on a little website I found for young adult writers called Ink Pop-  really it is fabulous!  I can't believe how much talent is out there-  It is done on a popularity basis-  not exactly my best talent- I have never been the popular one-  but I have learned a ton on it, so I thought I would share- go check it out, or read part of my novel The Guardians-
Maybe you will find a new place to go and play@!!

So you want to write a book? Welcome to the number 9 train leaving Downtown New York

So since I was a young girl I dreamt of writing books for a living.  Not a "JK" type living, mind you, just a small modest living.  I always felt it was simply a dream, like being an Olympic ice skater, or winning a full rise scholarship to Oxford.  (I should mention here I don't ice-skate- at.all.)

It wasn't until a sweet friend of mine and I were talking that the idea even left my sugar plum and fairy land.

She asked if she could read my book-  I agreed.  Of course, I mostly wanted someone else to talk about my characters with.

To my utter surprise she loved it-

In truth it was a mess- it still is-

but it got me headed in the "write" direction!

It was February 6th 2009, when I talked to a physic on the phone-  yeah yeah I know, really?  A phone physic?  But she has been rather accurate in the past, so I listened

I asked if I was supposed to be writing, or if I was going down the wrong path-

She said  I was definitely headed in the right direction and then she said this...

I already had an idea in my head, which would be the book that got published first...

I did indeed have the idea, in fact I had it since 7th grade and began what is now known as The Guardians.

It is a trilogy, (isn't everything anymore?) and is technically young adult fantasy/ paranormal romance.

I barely read young adult before I was engulfed by the wizard and vampire world that we now all live in-

I am not a Treky nor do I really care much for Lord of the Rings (Kind of like Stephen King- beautifully written material, just not my taste)

So fantasy was a stretch for me-  then again, I think it worked out ok-

I finished the book the end of June, worked on editing and started the submission process in late November-

As the title says WOW were my eyes opened  wide-

It literally felt like the scene in Harry Potter where the go to the Ministry of Magic and all of the people are coming in through the flu network-

Yeah, kinda like that-

So, here it is February, I am still not published, but waiting to hear back from agents as well as small publishing houses about the fate of my book-

The infesting piece of this - I started reading A LOT of young adult to familiarize myself with genre-

I continued to feel more confident with the more I read, realizing that many stories out there were not exactly what I would say were quality-

So, I will sign off for now, the train is about to leave the station and If I want to get on, I better see if there is any room left in car 31- Maybe I will see you there-


New here? So am I!

Hello and welcome!
This is not only my first blog entry, but my first blog period.  I am old enough to remember when blog was just bog with an extra letter.  I have decided to venture into the world of blogging simply to share what a crazy blond woman does and thinks about on a regular basis.
So here is a little about me: 

I am a struggling writer- (isn't everyone?)
I am a mom  - (WOW isn't like almost half the population?)
I homeschool a first grader (ok not as many are crazy enough to do that I guess..)
I also sell cosmetics from home to actually earn money and help pay some bills.
I love canning, cooking, baking and even like to sew (only when children are not present...)

Yes, I am married but that is another blog entirely! :)

So Welcome to my blog, sit read or laugh
Hopefully, you will find some kind of interesting information for yourself here!