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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Middle Men-

Middle men staring Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi is a fabulous movie well suited for men and women alike.

Rather you love the adult industry or hate it; this based on a true story film covers the BEGINNING of internet porn and the two guys who were too high and too smart for their own good.

Although this film received very mixed (being polite here) reviews, I really feel they are wrong. The story moves fast enough to keep my attention. The actors actually acted (I know novel concept) and since the internet has obviously taken off (this blog case in point) the back ground story about how some stupid brainiac with too much cocaine figured out how to charge credit cards over the internet and make a billion feels pretty relevant.

I know I know, BUT IT HAS PORN IN IT! Actually I think that is why it got so many poor reviews – IT DOESN’T!

I mean sure there are topless women, but Showtime and HBO all but show bare bosoms in their station logos. The Adult Industry, although very relevant to the film doesn’t really play as big of a role in the ACTUAL FILM as some would expect. Yes it is referenced, yes it is implicated all over the place including a scene at the AVF Awards in Vegas, but overall they don’t put an unnecessary amount of it in the film.

Needless to say, I liked it. I felt Luke Wilson did and excellent job in his role. Giovanni Ribisi of course rocked it, even though when this whole idea struck his character, he was still guest staring on Wonder Years. James Caan plays a seedy attorney who, “Never goes to court and never wears a tie,” which tells anyone considering this film it is worth a watch.

Now it is edgy, it does have some darker parts, but over all it is a really good movie.
4 out of 5