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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mike- has some sparkle

Magic Mike PosterI admit it, when I attended opening night of Magic Mike, I wasn't going for the script.  I mean, come on, it is about male strippers.  It has Mathew McConaughey, who has been vying for this role his entire career, and JoeManGaniello from True Blood fame, along side of course, the true former stripper Channing Tatum.  Looking at the cast, tells you this isn't going to change your life, or move you into a new view of the world.  It is to Movies what Maraschino Cherries are to fruit -very little nutritional value and strictly there for decoration.
The good news is, it lives up to expectations.  There is several shots of male skin and some pretty good dance moves.  The story is thin, not surprising however, because once they get through all the performance numbers it leaves very little time for an actual plot to develop. 
It could have been better, I liked where they wanted to go with the story, and hoped it would have been focused on a BIT more.  Having said that, hey I am a writer, I live for stories, and look for them everywhere.  My group that I went with however ,was completely satisfied, appetites satiated as we walked out.
Overall, the scenery was worth the movie.  Channing Tatum did a better performance in this movie than I've seen, which was a plus.  Cody Horn, in my opinion did a stellar job as the older sister to Alex Pettyfer's character, Adam.  Mattew McConaughey was creapy for the record, which saddened my greatly.
For a fun girls night movie, this one works.  out of 5