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Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've found movies to be a bit of a challenge lately, trying to find something with a great story line, but still would hold my husbands attention.  I thought I would take a few very over due moments and give my opinions on a few that are most likely available at your local rental store-

My review score will be simple- blond proof if you will, 1 -4,  4 being  outstanding

INCEPTION-  staring Leonardo  DiCaprio is a fabulous tale weaving through the very dreams of people and trying to reach their inner secrets.  Not only did I find the script well written, I honestly didn't find myself once thinking of our darling Leo yelling Rose from the top of a ship. 
Mr. DiCaprio has definitely redeemed himself as a first rate actor who not only delivered  a believable performance, but obviously has great taste in scripts. 
Review: 3

LETTERS TO JULIET- Staring Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave is a light hearted film stressing the importance of never giving up on true love.  Vanessa Redgrave gives elegance and style to an otherwise semi-flat film.  In concept, it was good, but in reality it landed on the cooler side.  Chris Egan delivers a believable role as the grand son of Claire, played by Redgrave.  His character echoes hints of the late Heath Ledger, in looks and charisma, but doesn't really move the audience.  Over all this chick flick is simply that- light easy and definitely not too deep.  Don't take your husband, he will never forgive you- 
Review: 2