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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Experiencing History- First Hand

As we grow closer to Halloween, we are invited to more and more events where we have the opportunity to dress as someone else.  Wear another s shoes if you will, just for a few hours. 
This weekend I attended a fantastic night of historic themes.  Costumes were to be relevant to history of the area.  I of course, did a little research and found a fantastic inspiration in the “hidden” or less talked about history of my conservative state’s “Red Light” district. 
According to my research, not only was the oldest profession present here, it thrived.  In fact, a much northern town closed the last establishment in the mid ‘80’s.  Oh no, not 1880’s but the 1980’s.  I was fascinated with the groups that were beginning to try to piece back the history lost after more proper history was chosen to preserve.
It was settled.  I was going as a painted lady, a woman of the night, a girl for hire if you will.  I pulled up the old photos I could find on line and collected my petticoats, velvet skirts, little boots and stockings. 
The night of the event I was sure I wouldn’t be the only one with such a sassy idea.  After all, it was the oldest profession, and if there was mining- there were brothels.
Little did I know I was the only one who went out on that proverbial limb.  My observations of the crowd got me to thinking- No one in the room would have ever entered a brothel if we had been back in the day.  I was surrounded by upstanding citizens of the community, people who if we flipped a switch and moved us all back into the 1800’s, wouldn’t have given me the time of day.
I looked around, realizing a great deal of the people here wouldn’t either.  I didn’t know them, they were strangers to me, but my attire left nothing to the imagination to who or what I was dressed as.  And I was treated as such.  Now, no one was mean, or rude, but it was with great effort that the woman smiled and the men kept their eyes on my face.  It was if I had walked through the door to 100 years prior.  I was the woman in the room that everyone noticed, but pretended not to.
It was a empty feeling, a strange energy of loneliness and wondered…
Is this what every woman in this profession felt like walking into the general mercantile?  I knew the answer- yes.  My life tilted slightly in empathy for those who we pass on the street and ignore, the homeless, the wretch, even the occasional whore.
I went to the event focused on having a great time wearing a slightly edgy costume and having a great time.  I left having a great time, loving my fantastic costume and took home a little more tolerance-  Now that is a successful night. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

X- Men First Class Surprisingly makes the Grade!

The X-Men: First Class

Ok for some of you, comic book movies are rather juvenile- but what can I say- I love juvenile!  

X- Men happens to be one of my favorites, and no not because of Hugh Jackman and his shirtless scenes, but because I love the idea of people special- taken in by a kind heart and taught that they are not alone. 

Sappy?  Maybe.  Who knew I could make super hero’s mushy.  The fact remains when the First Class movie started trailing- I had serious doubts.
Make that stomping fits.  How on earth would anyone be Xavier except Captain Bicard? (Patrick Stewart)  And what was this about Kevin Bacon somehow being a villain?  (I can’t get him past Ren McCormick, but that’s just me)

I resisted.  I pouted.  I had no intention of giving in to this wanna be X Men film.  Until I broke.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it.  The pieces of the puzzle did fit better and I liked the cast.  I enjoyed seeing the good in most of the now bad characters.  I loved watching Mystic embrace her hotness.  Laughed out-loud at the tiny cameo of Hugh as Wolverine.  I finished the movie wanting to re watch all the other films, which in my humble opinion, is what you are supposed to leave feeling.  Was it as good as the original?  Hello, nothing ever is, but it held it’s own nicely.  It captured my interest and kept me entertained.

Having said that, I am not a comic book junkie, so is it true to the comics of yesterday?  No clue.  All I know is it is fun and action packed.  It has a great message of following what is right even when your friends don’t.  It is tame, no extra sexy parts just for the sake of having boobs in the scene.  My daughter watched it with me and I only slightly cringed once.  (Concentration camp part)

This is a fun fairly family friendly film.  Novel concept!  A movie everyone can watch and adults won’t claw their eyes out?   Yep, it must be science fiction!
  3 out of 5