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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Destined- to Beat My Expectations

Destined is the latest installment in the House of Night Series by the mother daughter team of P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.  Destined is the ninth in the series, following Zoey from being marked a vampire through her journey battling evil and darkness at her vampire school The House of Night.

Now I classify this series as a great daytime soap.  (see my view on book reviews) No this series isn’t going to bring world peace, and no I don’t see it being required reading in any literature class, but for a good light fast read- this is good.  The series as a whole- is not great- but something about it keeps me coming back.  Kind of like as much as I try I can’t totally get over the fascination with Samantha Brady…

I am not giving away the story, because honestly, if you haven’t been reading- well don’t start on this one.  Like I said, this is book NINE- trust me, you will want to start at the beginning.  

HOWEVER if you have been reading, and like me, have found the last few books a bit weaker than I was hoping for- this one may bring you back into the fold.  Although the titillation of the first three isn’t back yet, the story is a BIT stronger.  The actions of Zoey and her friends are at least more believable than some of the silly mistakes they continued to make in the past few books. 

The characters are becoming slightly interesting again, partially with the addition of a few, again I can’t give away names- trust me you won’t want me to, but let’s just say they were definitely needed- I had almost given up on this series, some others I know had, so if that is you-  it is worth another look.  (But a word of warning- 9 books are a big commitment for simply ok writing) 
Besides, it’s cold outside- what is better than a great new bubble gum book?