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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time Flies When you are Traveling!

Oh my, how time moves when travel is on the agenda. This summer I took the opportunity to explore the Pacific Northwest a bit with a couple of girlfriends. Driving along the beautiful coast definitely showcases inspirational forests filled with mystery and enchantment.

We were fortunate enough to have clear skies and see the sun the entire way, watching the reflection of light off the moss covered trees and taking in the mountain views. No, we didn’t see anything sparkle in the forest, although we did look now and again! La Push Beach took our breath away. The awesome strength of the tide, the rainbow of rocks, the mountains of drift wood felt like a warning as well as a challenge to anyone considering taking them on.

We drove on the beach at Ocean Shores and on to Astoria Oregon. For some of you with great memories, you may know that Kindergarten Cop was filmed in Astoria, along with the cult classic The Goonies. The Liberty Theatre and Flavel House are MUST STOPS on the tour. Eat at the Silver Salmon, you won’t be disappointed and finish by taking a trip through the great little shops.

From Astoria we continued down to Portland for the IKEA experience. Overall, I have to say it is a definite must trip for every woman who may have read a book in the last few years. (Yes, you know which one)

Next we took a camping trip in the mountains of Idaho, outside of Council. Leaning into the natural beauty that exists in my very own state makes me thankful I live here. Being one with nature and communing with the area, I found another story itching to come out, so arriving home I started yet another novel. Nature has a way of bringing my voices in my head to life.

My next trip landed me in St. Helens Oregon. Talk about a cute little town! Filled with history, as well as being the filming locations for movies like Halloweentown (Disney) and a little film you may have hear of –Twilight. Now little towns have always been my weakness. The quaint feel the friendly people, the streets teaming with history of the past. Over all the ones I have been to this summer, St. Helens really stood out. They have done an amazing job of keeping the old with the new, emphasizing their plus sides and doing what they could with what was there rather than tearing it all down and starting over. If you have the opportunity, it is only 30 minutes outside of Portland, take the trip, you will be glad you did!

The summer has been filled with excitement and fun, made possible by family and friends. I have really taken the time to keep that focus of loved ones in the forefront of my mind. How lucky I am to have experienced all that I have. I can’t think of a better way to have spent this summer, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

Now we begin the gear up for school, fall projects and squeezing in the last minute summer activities. That means more blogging for me and hopefully more fun reading for you!