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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enjoy vs. Enjoyment in what you do for a living

I had a conversation with my husband last night, which resulted in a profound discovery.  He, like so many "normal" people, had strived for doing an occupation that he LOVED. 
"Do what you LOVE and never work again."
More beautiful words have never been said.  Millions strive for this "dream", and yet work in jobs they don't LOVE.

Although they are beautiful words, they are wrong.
Yep, I said it, I declare the most popular statement is WRONG!
What?  No tomatoes?  Oh, that's right, you are working your job you don't LOVE and don't have time to throw them with zeal at the moment.
Then allow me to take this small pause and explain.
VERY few people can make a living at what they LOVE....and LOVE is such a literal word.  LOVE, taken by most people in this sense, is every part, every piece, every second is BLISS!
And there is the LIE!

A surgeon may LOVE his job, but do you wonder if he also loves losing a patient, or having to work through his residency?

A teacher may LOVE what he does, but do you think he enjoys seeing a student fail for lack of trying?

The phrase has fooled most people into plugging through a life that they don't find joy in.  They do jobs that they resent and in turn pick up bad habits to compensate for their resentment.

So how did this all apply to my conversation with my husband last night?  (I tell you the above story to tell you this one!)
He was offered a job with an increase in yearly salary of double of what he currently makes.  (Holy cow I know)
the problem is, it was going back into a field he left because- he was unhappy.  He hated the stress, the pressure, the long hours.  Yes, he made a great income, but he spent a tremendous amount of money to try and find happiness on his few off hours.
Oh yes, the yearly salary can be tempting, but he is currently in a job he likes.  He's happy there.  Does he love it?
No, there are pieces he doesn't LOVE, but he enjoys it.

He doesn't do it for enjoyment.  For enjoyment he plays poker on his phone and completely check out of reality.  It is just a game, not real money, but for him it is his happy place.  his ENJOYMENT.

There is the truth.  Do what you ENJOY, so that you can also do the things you want for ENJOYMENT.

Yes there is a difference.  Find it and I believe you will find peace in your career. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Reading Book Pillow, complete with kindle pocket

I saw this idea on Pinterest, but couldn't find any instructions, information etc.  After working up a rough idea of what the dimensions would be, I set off to re create my own.