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Monday, September 26, 2011

Personal Moment in Clarity

I wanted to share this amazing lesson in people skills-  See who you know falls in this category- or maybe it is you.....

Many people who deal with struggles in their lives and careers, read and hear about deserve level– or are told they are not self motivated enough to succeed in their goals-  although these are valid points
What if there is a missing link….

Some people care more about value than anything else.
 Not monetary but emotional.

These people rarely care about the cars they drive, they rarely focus on the balance in their bank account.  They are motivated by their VALUE in others lives, jobs or organizations.  They struggle most with being self employed because they are used to getting their value from a boss or a supervisor. 

It is not recognition. 
It is simply emotional value.  They relentlessly deal with “not enough” programming. 

They battle with “taking things personal” because when they hear “you didn’t do enough”  they internalize “you are not enough”, thus constantly struggling with the “NOT ENOUGH STUFF” syndrome.

When a number is assigned to a goal or even a task and  they fall short– they hear “it’s not enough”  therefore they have lost their value as a human being. 
Even though it’s the goal or task they failed in not being a human being– They fail to see the difference 

These people tend to work best with pats on the head.  They need a simple thank you.  They want to feel people value them as a person not just as an employee/member.

It is critical to keep the value in WHO they are not WHAT they do.

Ask them have you done your best?  If they answer yes, let it go.  If they say no THEY WILL figure it out. 
Value people will find value without help.  They must.  It is a life force for them.

They are all personality types– they are all walks of life-

Excited to have a new value “source”

Hits an obstacle– gets told/finds they are not enough– lose value in the source

Search for a NEW Value source– even as simple as cleaning their house organizing a closet to find value

Finds new activity/source of value.  At this point, the person NEEDS to rediscover WHERE they had found value in previous task/job/goal or they will be lost possibly forever.

Tamara Drew isn't Dribble-

This British film is fun and cute, but most men will hate it.  I know, I know I lost them at British Film-
But it is a delightful peak into a small English town and the activities that unfold when a beautiful girl Tamara Drewe (played by Gemma Arterton) returns to her home town. 
Although the story is really not about that- it is about two teens obsessed with a rock star and the ridiculous things they do to get near him.
But really it isn’t about that either- it is about a writers retreat on a delightful little farm.  It tells of a stuck writer and how he finds his muse.
Then again, it isn’t about that either- it is more about the strapping handy man Andy Cobb played by Luke Evens (can I hear an Amen!)  and his life long crush on the girl next door.
But really- it is about more than just that-
Fun witty and delightful- if the guy has to sit through it, I recommend turning on the subtitles to keep him from falling asleep.  If it is just the girls-  I think you will love it!

3 out of 5