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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Iron Man 2, not so tough- to sit through that is

I have several friends who saw Iron Man 2 in the theater and said it wasn't worth the sticky floors and texting teens to sit through.  So I waited.  I waited , and I waited.  You see, I am a Robert Downy Jr. fan.  I always have been- even when he didn't know his own name, I thought he did a pretty great job pretending to be someone else on screen.  I also have a soft spot (OK a very soft spot) for Comic Book Movies-
I love them- almost all of them, and if I don't love them I can usually find a redeeming quality or two (except maybe Daredevil).
So when my wait was finally over I rented Iron Man 2 the first day it became available-I fired up the stereo, made Carmel popcorn and hit play. 
What did I think?  Not nearly as horrid as everyone else had told me-

HOWEVER not nearly as fabulous as the first- But then again, is the second EVER as good as the first?  Really??? 

Overall, I really liked it- good explosions- great lines, Gwyneth Paltrow looked fabulous again playing her excellent version of Pepper, who of course is the voice of reason to Tony's antics.  Overall, it is worth your time.
Is it an Oscar contender?  Nope
Is it entertaining?  Yep
Rating 2 1/2 out of 4