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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Wolf Gift is a Re-Gifter

Anne Rice attacks the werewolf world in her highly anticipated latest paranormal.  Although readers of Rice will love her detailed setting, let's face it, we all want to go wherever her books are placed, I felt the story was not finished. 
Now this isn't a bad read.  I have read much worse, but it didn't have the teeth some of her others stories have. 
Her main characters felt like they weren't quite telling their story, and her villains felt a bit long winded. 
I love Rice's ability to transport the reader to her locations.  I love her attention to details, although at times they are tedious.  This one however, just didn't move me the way other of hers have.
  out of 5

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Needing to have work Critiqued? BY MARY KOLE???

The below WEBINAR Features MARY KOLE- For almost $90 you will get a critique with her-
At our conference local in BOISE you can have critique for $35 and a IN PERSON meeting-

How is it possible I still have 5 slots open for this?? Conference is Sept 28th and Sept 29th in Boise at Owyhee Plaza Hotel.

This Week's Featured Webinar:
Picture Book Craft Intensive
Session Date: Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012
Starting Time: 1:00pm Eastern
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: $89.00
VIP Price: $80.10*

About the Critique:
All submissions are guaranteed a critique by instructor Mary Kole. Mary reserves the right to contact any attendees by e-mail following the event if a manuscript is of the highest quality.

Who Should Attend:

Writers who are actively querying agents and publishers with their children's books
Writers who aren't sure about whether they're writing picture books or not
Writers who have always wanted to try writing a children's book, whether for publication or as a keepsake
Writers who want to improve their pitches and hooks
Writers who want to take the next step toward publication in the picture book market
Writing Up a Storm Idaho Writer's League Conference 2012
Learn from Top Agents, MARY KOLE ( Movable Type Management )and MINJU CHANG (Bookstop Literary ) as