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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toy Story 3 - and they lived happily ever after!

Pixar has a long standing of not only capturing the hearts and minds of children and adults alike and they once again haven't disappointed.  We wonder when a sequel comes out, if it will leave us wanting more or simply leave us wanting our time back. 

Toy Story 3 exceeded my expectations.  Not only did it totally captivate my daughter's attention, I found I cried more than I would care to admit.  The audience is taken in by the shortness of childhood.  Andy is headed to college and the toys are waiting to hear their fate.  Will they be headed to college too?  Will they end up separated?  The entire film captures our nostalgia of our own beloved toys and the fates we forced upon them years ago - or maybe that's just me. 

What can I say, this film is fabulous, a must see and a definite addition to any DVD library.  If you have young children this is a must- if you are young at heart- this one need to be on your list - if you have a heart at all this movie will pull at the strings causing you to head to attic and check up on your old friends.  Who knows you may find you need a little play time yourself!

5 out of  5