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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The American - Please Deport this!

The American  George Clooney typically saves even the worst script- but not today.  This film captures the viewer in the very beginning.  The action is filled with questions and suspense.  The problem is none get answered.  I love intense thrillers making the viewer focus on the small details.  I thrive in trying to put the pieces of a well written script together however this film fell short in so many areas I felt like I missed twenty minutes in the beginning and somehow got a clipped copy because even the end left too many questions. 

I rarely suggest passing on a film completely.  Ok, I didn't used to suggest passing completely, but lately there have been a few pieces that made me scratch my head and ask- "What?"

1 out of 5 stars

Scott Pilgrim VS the World- Tomorrows Classic Today!

Ok, so I am sure most people may think my little prediction should make me certifiably insane, but ...
Every generation has  their cult classic films-  Rocky Horror- Wayne's World- Every thing by John Hughes- And I am predicting this will go down as one of those films-
Creatively done- entertaining in a completely different way, Micheal Cera portrays a boy named Scott Pilgrim (based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley) must defeat his new girlfriends seven evil Exes in order to keep her for his own- 
A well written script leads to cute lines, dry humor and quirky action that makes the audience stay put-  Honestly, it is a good one to watch- I wouldn't say it is up for an Oscar but it is definitely worth your time- let your older teens watch it- I have a feeling they will laugh way louder than you.
3 out of 5

The Expendables- Wow this proves how bored some people are-

 Starring Sylvester Stallone is my pick for WORST movie of 2010!  Hands down!  I love action- I love inconceivable gun fights and car chases and when the hero somehow juggles the car, catches the gun and saves the girl all while shooting a machine gun and taking out the bad guys- BUT I have a FEW little requirements-  I expect a few GOOD lines- I expect to be entertained- I expect a story that at least sort of keeps my interest.

I have sat through some horrid movies.  I have tolerated trying to find some shred of decent acceptable piece of pretty T-totalled doomed films-  This really is in my top 5 worst movies of all time.  Not just because Sylvester Stallone was a corny as a Nebraska field- not just because the writers obviously told the actors to just "wing it"- but because even Jason Statham couldn't salvage this complete piece of crap-

The plot is so pathetic if I even begin to tell you about it - you would have no point of seeing the film- then again- you don't already!

Don't waste your time- not even your $1 at Redbox-

0 out of 5 

Salt- Not perfect but definately worth the time-

 Salt starring the stunning Angelina Jolie is an action thriller, filled with guns and violence that I found fabulous!  First you must take into account it has a good script- not excellent, but solidly written with mystery and questions through out.  Add that to the stunning stylings of Jolie and you will find yourself happily finding the bottom of the popcorn bucket before you know it!

Evelyn Salt, played by Jolie, is a high ranking government agent when a group of Russian's claim she is a spy planted to kill the president.  Action continues as our heroin runs for her life, trying to prove who is setting her up.

The old cold war feel of the plot of this movie adds a chilling excitement making the viewing audience continue to wonder what is true and what is not. 

The only flaw, the ending is a bit weak, but over all- it is definitely enjoyable.  The best I have seen Jolie- well no-  But not the worst (Wanted anyone?)-

Overall-great date night film- he's happy- she's happy- all is good- then again, a good date night movie for me involves guns and action- sappy it is not- chick flick it is not- entertaining- Absolutely!!

4 out of 5