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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Views and REviews...

Having your work on Amazon for the entire world to see is -  well honestly, a bit scarey.  Your heart and soul has gone into work that may or may not appeal to the masses.  They may hate it, throw cyber tomatoes at you- or they may say it is the best thing since Kindle was introduced.
Either way, you are asking for feedback- good or bad, on something as personal as your inner thoughts.

So lets put that piece into perspective-  you are walking into the office naked- and everyone has a stack of score cards-  judging your dips and dents- holding up their assessment of you.

Am I being dramatic?
But it does feel similar. 

Yes, yes, I know it is my choice to put myself out there.  I could choose to keep my work on the shelf for the next generation- but  what fun would that be?  :)

So when reviews come in that are not as glowing- not bad, just not as loving as you would wish, it is a tough pill to swallow.

Not because "I wasn't perfect", on the contrary-  it is because many people take that review and begin the dissection process.  What could I do better?  What can I change?  I thought that point was clear, why wasn't it?  Did I really drop the ball?  etc     etc

And then the sick masochistic side of us as writers-

put more work out there-  more work that can be seen, reviewed, criticized and -the entire true goal- made better- at least we hope.

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